“We’d highly recommend giving Number Three a watch if you’re a fan of lurid horror. From suburbia to slayer, the film delivers pleasing twists and turns in its 7-minute runtime. And whilst the resident says the truth path to salvation is through suffering, the only thing you’ll be suffering is chills up your spine in this nightmarish but satisfying visit to a true house of horrors.”

Michael Sales, Midlands Movies

“It’s a Kiss Me Deadly for 2020 :)”

Jane Giles, Film Author and Distributor, former manager of the Scala Cinema

“It’s absolutely brilliant! I really enjoyed it… A cracking cast, very atmospheric on all levels and funny too!!”

Sam Lockyear, Producer, Iconic Productions

“Dark and troubling.”

Dan Auluk, Artist

“A tasty morsel!”

Robin Gutch, Senior Executive Producer, Warp Films